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The Artist on her Birthday

I am an Artist, Reiki and Neter-Seichim Master Therapist and Spiritual-Psychic-Angelic Counsellor, living in the West of Scotland with my Twinsoul-Husband and our two beautiful cats. I have had a varied career as model, choreographer, IT librarian and businesswoman, discovering my artistic talent when I turned away from the "outside world" to devote my life to healing, counselling and to using my natural psychic and mediumistic abilities to help others to find their life-path and to fulfill their true potential.

I have never had formal training but my art has received international recognition (including an exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery in 2009), and is displayed in several Healing Centres. In 2004/2005 I fulfilled a commission to create a deck of Oracle cards. I do not work within any specific artistic school or tradition, but my style has been compared  with Van Gogh and Turner, artists for whom I have the greatest respect and with whom I have a profound, undeniable Spiritual link.

Many of my works are untitled, identified only by a reference number: I believe that every person who purchases one of my works should provide their own title, as a title reflects the unique link between the owner and the work of art itself.

I provide Therapy and Counselling at my dedicated Therapy Space. If you would like to book time with me, please email me:

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 Artwork is Copyright© Gintallia Finlayson-Frost, who asserts the right to be identified as the author. This material is not to be republished either electronically or otherwise, altered or in any other way used without the express written permission of the author.